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tunnel pasteurizers

In Technical Collaboration with RITA BOTTLING

The end use of the Automatic Tunnel Pasteurizers is to automatically pasteurize (with Heat) the bottled or canned product at the rated speed and quality and thereby make the package stable for several months without any quality deterioration of the food. The heat system employed in the process kills any micro-organisms, stabilizing and preserving the quality of the foods in its natural state without addition of any harmful chemicals or preservatives. Pasteurized products in cans/bottles can stay fresh for consumption for several months.

SEPPA is one of the leading manufacturers of Tunnel Pasteurizers in India and Abroad.

SEPPA has provided significant contribution in Indian and International Breweries where several SEPPA Tunnel Pasteurizers have been installed.

SEPPA has a Technical Collaboration with M/s. Rita Bottling Machines Private Limited for the manufacture of Pasteurizers and Tunnel Coolers as per their design and Technology.

SEPPA designs ensures maximum savings in utilities like water, steam, power and other operational expenses.

Engineers and Technicians of SEPPA have been trained by Rita Bottling for the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the machineries.

SEPPA also manufacture conveyors of modern design with Pressure-Less combining system for Bottling Plants.

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