PET Bottles Rinser Filler Capper

For Carbonated and Non-Carbonated Mineral Water and Liquids

Linear Filling MachineSEPPA Private Limited is one of the members of Shivsu Group of Companies. Shivsu incorporated the state of art technology in design engineering of the systems being manufactured by them. Evats 600 fully automatic filling, capping and semi automatic rinsing is specially designed by SEPPA Private Limited for mineral water / carbonated beverages. The entire process has provisions in the machine for rinsing, filling, capping and sealing The entire process is controlled by a PLC with Sensor Controls with one tough instrumentation system. The whole equipment is sleek and is capable of bottling various sizes of bottles ranging from 200 ml to 2 lts. The mineral water pet bottles / carbonated water bottles are fed into the Input Feed Conveyor of the Evats 600 after manually rinsing them in the semi automatic rinser. The bottles go automatically on the conveyor to the filling station. Optic Sensor senses the bottles and allows only required amount of bottles to enter the filling station. Special pneumatic robos hold the bottles by the neck and body prior to the filling heads descending into the bottles. The filling is very accurate and is done by specially designed Ss316 - 3 way filling system. Filling system is incorporated for both counter pressure as well as volumetric filling. The filled bottles then go to a cap pickup system where they pickup caps before being capped in the capping station. A special vibratory cap feeder provides orientation to the caps. The capped bottles are then sent out to the discharge conveyor.

Optional Features : Shrink Labeller is provided on the output conveyor.
Ozone Jets to disinfect caps

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