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 asepsis tank

These are made of SS 304 light weight single walled ribbed tanks. While this is a general purpose water storage tank, it is especially useful in brewery for additional RO water storage for the brewery or kitchen. These tanks can be fitted with auto leveling device to prevent overflow. Available in 200, 500, 1000 liters and up to 10,000 liters in ranges of 1000 liters

If you need to augment your brewing water reserves in sanitary storage containers, Prodeb offers you a range of stainless steel cylindrical tanks of varying sizes. These tanks are ideally suited for Breweries, distilleries, brewpub, restaurants, dairy plants and any other process industries using pure water.

Sizes: 250 – 10000 liters
MOC: SS 304 or SS 316


•Ribbed designed for high strength and longevity
•Light weight and portability

•Built-in Stainless steel stand integrated
•Easy maintenance

•Provision for heating filament with
•Competitively priced (50% less than fabricated tanks)

•Temperature control
•Corrosion resistant

•Hygienic and safe storage of water
•Provision for auto level filling.

Reduced risk of water borne diseases

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